Summer School Teaching Ideas That Students Will Love

Summer School Teaching Ideas That Students Will Love

While many people are gearing up for summer vacation, others are about to begin summer school. While a talented teacher can always grab and maintain the attention of their students, it can be a little trickier to get it done during the summer months. Here are a few tips to make this summer school season a special one for your students.

Team Up Time
Students like to work together and have an even better time when they play together. You can turn this urge to play together into an educational experience. Get students together in small groups to play quiz games that are historical, mathematical, or vocabulary-based. The students will end up having so much fun they won’t even notice it’s a learning experience, which will yield positive results for you and your students.

The Great Outdoors
With the great summer weather, your students will be itching to be outside. Keeping them inside all of the time may negatively affect their concentration. If you are able to move your lesson(s) outside, your students can get some fresh air and it also inspires their imagination and focus, as nature can do wonders for the mind. Just make sure to keep them well hydrated and use plenty of sunscreen.

Summer Themed Writing
Many great writers have written with a great passion for the many beauties of summer, so try this approach with your students with a summer-themed writing assignment. Your students probably have quite a bit to say already about how much they love the summer season and the times they have spent with their families and friends at the pool, camping, or having cookouts. You could see many benefits of channeling this positive energy into a learning experience.

Summer is a great season for any activity, and a good education doesn’t have to be left out. For more educational ideas, please visit the Top Score Resource Page.

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