3 Tips for Great Teaching: How to Engage with Students and Colleagues

3 Tips for Great Teaching: How to Engage with Students and Colleagues

Teaching is not just making sure that students grasp material. It is also about building lasting and meaningful bonds with students to encourage their excellence, as well as working alongside other professional educators to ensure personal excellence. Now, as we transition from “normal” classroom learning to online teaching, we must adapt our skills to be applicable in any environment: in the physical classroom, or online learning. Here are three great tips for teachers, built to last for any working environment.

Here are 3 great tips for teachers:

  1. Have a sense of humor. Laughter in a classroom opens up the opportunity to extend warmth and comfort to your students, which can aid in student learning. When a student feels comfortable enough to laugh with their teacher, they are also more open to asking questions when they need to, or generally know that they can rely on their teacher for anything they might need while at school. A good sense of humor can aid in lessons as well as some students rely on humor and having fun to be able to engage with the lesson and their peers.
  2. Explain expectations. This is an important tip, as students cannot display their best work without understanding fully the teacher’s expectations for an assignment or for lessons. When a student knows exactly what their teacher is asking for and is given the proper tool to act on their schoolwork, the end result will be of more quality than that of a confused student. Managing a good explanation of expectations is paramount in online teaching. Not all environments are suitable for learning, which also means that giving students all the help a teacher can give when outside the physical classroom is necessary to their success.
  3. Socialize with your colleagues. Every academic professional has their own tips and tricks, things they’ve tried out in the classroom and found worked, and some that didn’t. By socializing with colleagues you can work together to create the best learning environments that you can. This can include sharing lesson plans and ideas, or even discussing ways to help one particular student achieve their most excellent work. More so, socializing with your colleagues allows you a social reprieve from everyday work, and you can be confident in your own abilities knowing you have like-minded professionals at your back to be there to support you.

Being a teacher in the 21st century comes along with trials and tribulations, as well as unique ways to interact and encourage students to be their best. There is no perfect or right way to teach, only the ways that best engage with students in order to get students where they need to go. For more tips and tricks on how to work towards your best teaching self, for you and your students, please visit our Top Score Writing Resource Center by clicking here.

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