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Top Score Writing is Lexile-certified which enables us to provide students, teachers, and school districts with our custom-made and innovative lessons with thought-provoking and original passages tailored to aid in teacher instruction on targeted reading levels.

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Top Score Writing gives your classroom everything you and your students need to be successful.
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Top Score Writing is fun, engaging, and easy to understand. This is not your typical ELA curriculum.
Test Scores Go Up!
Many counties now require that schools use research-based programs, and Top Score Writing is exactly that!

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Writing is the Fastest & Easiest Way to Increase Test Scores & Overall Grades?

Watch this quick video where Lisa Collum explains and breaks down the data behind why writing is the easiest and most effective way to increase ELA scores.


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Does Your School Have a Writing Curriculum...

That Provides Day-to-Day Lessons?

Do your Students Struggle with Basic Writing Skills?

Proven To Work!

Most schools rely solely on reading and grammar programs to teach ELA skills, yet today's tests are heavily weighted on a student's ability to write. The lack of writing-specific curriculums results in not only lower writing scores but lower ELA scores across the board.

Schools that implement Top Score Writing call us their "secret weapon" because it quickly and easily raises test scores on the ELA and across the board. After years of analyzing data, we can directly correlate the improvement in writing scores to higher overall school grades.

It works and works fast!

2021 Digital Curriculum Sets

All lessons, passages, and worksheets can be downloaded and printed. Lessons are designed to be fun, engaging, and interactive.

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    Teacher Print & Digtal Curriculum Sets


    These lessons include modeling, guided and independent practice, quizzes, tests, and homework. Each curriculum set includes 110 day-to-day lessons and over 100 brand new passages. Lessons are designed to be fun, engaging, and interactive.


    Our digital curriculum is accessible on all platforms and facilitates the distribution and access of ability-appropriate informative, opinion/argumentative, and narrative passages that are built directly into structured lessons.

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