Importance of Online Learning

Importance of Online Learning

During this global pandemic it is understood that people are overwhelmed, concerned, and stressed, but now is an important time to get creative with remote learning and utilize online resources to assist your students. We have provided several resources you can use to provide this needed support and included some advice on how to accommodate students during these tough times.

Helpful Teaching Tools

​No matter the age group you are teaching, face-to-face instruction is the best way to really engage your students. In times like these where social distancing is a common practice, great tools like Google Meet allows you and your students to interact in a live stream setting where they can ask questions and interact as if they were in class with you. Another great tool that is focused on STEM education is an application called BaiBoard, which is another platform where teachers can collaborate with their students. This application enables teachers and students to work together through the use of a collaborative whiteboard and voice conferencing to engage in discussing educational content and problem solving. This resource is great for groups as it can accommodate up to 40 people at the same time.

Advice For Accommodation

​Having a collection of teaching tools is great, but without an effective way to collaborate with your students, these applications are not as helpful as they could be. Accommodating your students is a critical component to consider when everyone is working remotely. Giving your students the opportunity to email you with questions on the curriculum is a great start, as well as facilitating group chats in applications like Slack. The youth of today are tech-savvy and are able to navigate through multiple applications without a learning curve. With all these tools and techniques at your fingertips, you are more than able to continue educating your students during this shift to distance learning.

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