Adopting an Effective Test Plan to Overcome Test Anxiety

Adopting an Effective Test Plan to Overcome Test Anxiety

Did you know that test anxiety affects between 25 and 40 percent of students? The fact that more than a quarter of students in an exam room tend to get nervous is reason enough to confront the issue in order to make learners more comfortable during tests. Noteworthy, teachers have a major role to play to curb test anxiety as they strive to help students achieve their performance goals. Here are some strategies tutors can adopt to counter test anxiety:

Build confidence 

A teacher can build confidence in her students in various ways; for instance, she can assure them that exams are set based on what they have been learning all along. She can also help them to go over past topics covered in class and that are likely to be tested. This strategy can inspire courage in students by making them feel they have the support of their teacher. Confidence counters fear and anxiety, and can work to ensure students perform better.

Familiarize students with the exam environment 

Familiarizing students with the general environment of the exam, including the teacher who will supervise them, actual exam rooms, and their sitting positions can go a long way in preparing them psychologically for a test. These among other advanced strategies help them to visualize the settings, which makes them feel more comfortable. It also works to reduce distractions associated with a new environment. Accordingly, students feel at ease when tackling an exam, and consequently, they achieve better results. 

Inspire a positive mental attitude  

There is a reason why people say ‘It’s all in the mind.’ Teaching students to have a positive attitude during a test helps to push away fear and anxiety, which is often associated with negativity and lack of self-confidence. You can even encourage them to create a mantra like ‘I can do it’ and ‘Bring it on’ which they can recite before beginning the test. A positive mindset can indeed achieve anything, and in this context, it can work to ensure students are more confident in the exam room. 

Developing an effective and viable test plan is a critical step toward helping students overcome test anxiety. At Top Score Writing, our primary goal is to help improve the performance of students in the best way possible.

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