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Teacher Curriculum Sets Includes the Following:
Book 1 - Section 1 and 2
Book 2 - Section 3 and 4
Book 3 - Section 5
Book 4 - All passages used in the lessons
Teacher Digital License Includes the Following:
Access to all lessons that are in the curriculum books as PDF documents. Teachers will be able to view all lessons with their digital license(s).
Access to the teacher version of the digital curriculum (animated lessons).


Student Passage Workbooks are Optional.

Teachers can make copies of the passages on their own. However, the workbooks are highly recommended and will save teachers time on copying.

There is over 100 passages per grade level curriculum set. With the coil-bound student workbooks, all passages will be kept in one place that is easily accessible.

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Simple, Easy To Use Process!
Simple, Easy To Use Process!
Top Score Writing gives your classroom everything you and your students need to be successful.
Students Love Learning!
Students Love Learning!
Top Score Writing is fun, engaging and easy to understand.This is not your typical ELA curriculum.
Test Scores Go Up!
Test Scores Go Up!
Many counties now require that schools use research-based programs and Top Score Writing is exactly that!