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Whether you’re an individual teacher, an administrator, or a parent, it’s time to give your students the advantage they deserve.

Teacher Curriculum Sets Includes the Following:

Book 1 – Section 1 and 2

Book 2 – Section 3 and 4

Book 3 – Section 5

Book 4 – All passages used in the lessons

Teacher Digital License Includes the Following:

Access to all lessons, student activity sheets, quizzes, homework assignments, and tests that are in the curriculum books as PDF documents.

Access to over 100 passages with prompts as PDF documents.

Animated version of every lesson (taught by cartoon characters).

Teacher-led version of every lesson (taught by a Top Score Writing certified trainer).

PowerPoint presentation for every lesson.

Student Passage Workbooks are Optional.

Teachers can make copies of the passages on their own However, the workbooks are highly recommended and will save teachers time on copying. There is over 100 passages per grade level curriculum set. With the coil-bound student workbooks, all passages will be kept in one place that is easily accessible.

What Teachers Are Saying

Here’s what they love about Top Score Writing!

As principal of a Title I school, I can say this is the best program we have in our building. It is so simple and easy for teachers to follow. They have everything they need for daily lessons and all of the resources are included in the teacher kits.

My teachers have the tools they need to feel confident in their teaching. Our ELA scores continue to soar because of this program. Highly effective!

Annemarie Dilbert

Principal – Crosspointe Elementary

My students have used Top Score for years. It is great to see their faces light up when they finally “get it”! I remember one student who struggled with expressing herself but with the structure of the program, she was able to write with confidence.

The program covers it all!

Christina Daigie Spita


Top Score is the BEST writing program around! My kids love the animated lessons and having everything you need to teach writing in one place is what every teacher needs!

I’ve had the most success with this program and wouldn’t use anything else!

Jennifer Marie


Top Score is the best writing program to use for students who have to take the Florida Standards Assessment. The lessons go step by step to help the children learn the proper format. The script is all there for teachers to use.

The emails with videos and support are super helpful to teachers. I highly recommend using this program, not just for FSA but also to help the kids learn to write a cohesive essay!

Angela P.

Director of Literacy

My students and I love this program!! I’m a 4th grade teacher and my students are writing great pieces. This program has helped my students understand what an opinion and informative essay is. I am completely grateful and so appreciative of this program because I feel that my students are enjoying writing and I can see how much they have progressed since the beginning of the year.

This is an excellent writing curriculum that will get any and every student to love writing!!!

Sasha L.

4th Grade Teacher

Why Teachers Choose Top Score Writing

Simple, Easy To Use Process!

Simple, Easy To Use Process!

Top Score Writing gives your classroom everything you and your students need to be successful.
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Students Love Learning!

Students Love Learning!

Top Score Writing is fun, engaging and easy to understand.This is not your typical ELA curriculum.
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Test Scores Go Up!

Test Scores Go Up!

Many counties now require that schools use research-based programs and Top Score Writing is exactly that!
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