What Teachers Are Saying
Here’s what they love about Top Score Writing!

Tammy Gober Taylor

“Since starting Top Score Writing, my student have learned to properly use primary evidence to back up their arguments.”

—Tammy Gober Taylor

Erika Ann

“My kids finally found a way to organize their papers. TSW’s 5-paragraph essay outline is easy to use for all my students (low, average, or high). Also added bonus, my students absolutely love the range of topics TSW provides in their readings. Very high interest!”

—Erika Ann

Yonia Burr

“It is our first year using Top Score writing . We are starting to see the improvement in our students writing .. We love the videos and all the resources available for teacher .. Thank you for this amazing writing curriculum.”

—Yonia Burr

Erica Hayden McCarthy

“Teaching the outline to my second graders and using it again and again, had made all the difference on their writings! They are doing fantastic.”

—Erica Hayden McCarthy

Donna Huff Torrent

“I’ve been using Top Score for 7 years. It’s so much fun to teach because it works. My students get it and create essays that even amaze them. I love the whole process and how easy it is to follow.”

—Donna Huff Torrent

Kim Amann

“The training that top score provided during our first year of implementing the program gave me so much insight to how the test works and different ways to easily increase my students scores. Top score is amazing and easy to implement and provides tons of resources and games to allow students to learn the process of writing.”

—Kim Amann

Erica Segal

“I’ve been using Top Score since 2019- and I’ve seen such a difference in my students’ writing. The resources are phenomenal and my students’ writing has improved drastically. They can write a formatted essay!”

—Erica Segal

Tammy Parham Sheppard

“Top Score taught me how to teach writing! I absolutely love Top Score and sing its praises any chance I have!”

—Tammy Parham Sheppard

Lenisha Harris

“I have met you a couple of times and have watched your videos and PowerPoints over and over!!! Purchasing TopScore was the best idea my school could have done! Using this curriculum has given my low babies the opportunity to feel good about writing because they have a simple plan to follow to plan and write their paper. My students have learned how to use their time wisely to make sure they have time to go back and edit and revise their work! I’ve got compliments when the district walk through on how well my students are progressing with their writing!! THANK YOU for creating this curriculum for students so now they fall in love with writing!”

—Lenisha Harris

Emily Rose

“What I love the most about Top Score is it takes the extra work out of teaching. You don’t constantly have to review lessons when you have the formula down. You simply change out the focus and/or sources. It makes it super easy to use for the kids and yourself as a teacher.”

—Emily Rose

Karla Hartline Janoski

“Top Score has everything you need. I have always struggled teaching writing but Top Score gives detailed materials even modeling examples which makes it easy to teach and engaging to the students.”

—Karla Hartline Janoski

Danielle DiPasquale Blair

“Top Score curriculum gives me plenty of resources and the lessons are so detailed. I specifically like the worksheets for the students so they have a complete reference guide for ever section of every type of essay.”

—Danielle DiPasquale Blair