What Teachers Are Saying
Here’s what they love about Top Score Writing!

Corrie Haynes

“I didnt know where to even begin with how to teach writing. Top Score made me feel like a pro. “

—Corrie Haynes

Stephanie Jacobs Godfrey

“I love the Top score writing program!! I finally have a program that makes teaching writing easier, and makes writing fun for the students. I have definitely seen an improvement in my test scores since using the program.”

—Stephanie Jacobs Godfrey

Tori Austin

“I love top score. I have been using top score for 5 years and it’s very teacher friendly and makes the process of writing an essay for my students simple. I love everything about this curriculum.”

—Tori Austin

Sharon Petersen

“Started using TopScore Writing officially this fall. Just received our fall State Assessment and we scored above the state proficiency percentage. I know this had a whole lot to do with the difference in our students writing. Thank you TopScore.”

—Sharon Petersen

Christina Daigle Spila

“I finished grading our Middle of the Year tests and I had three perfect scores already!”

—Christina Daigle Spila

Jesus Rodriguez

“Top Score Writing makes teaching writing very simple and straightforward.”

—Jesus Rodriguez

Zulay Enid

“I’ve been using top score for a long time. My district finally listen to what my school has been saying and decided to start using it at different schools. Board members showed up to the training with Lisa and Jen.”

—Zulay Enid

Barbara Allegro

“I’ve been using Top Score for a few years now. Used it in 2nd and now in 3rd. I love the resources and how simple it is to use.”

—Barbara Allegro

Chelsea Casey Green

“My daughter went from whining, “it’s too hard” to easily knocking out 5 paragraph essays in no time!”

—Chelsea Casey Green

Lisa Hommel Phillips

“Top Score Writing makes teaching writing so simple. Just follow the plan! “

—Lisa Hommel Phillips

Cassandra Hernandez

“In the middle of 3rd grade, I am giving students perfect scores based on our rubric. It is amazing how students can easily follow the ITC outline to write informative essays. I cannot wait to teach them opinion.”

—Cassandra Hernandez

Christine E. Rodenbo

“Top Score gave me and my students a “recipe” for essay writing! The students are able to follow it step by step produce consistent writing!”

—Christine E. Rodenbo