What Teachers Are Saying
Here’s what they love about Top Score Writing!

Karla Hartline Janoski

“My biggest struggle is that I felt writing is not my strong suit. My students struggled with organization and planning and Top Score has helped in that it breaks the writing process down step by step and not only helps the students but helps teachers like me with great modeling plans to be able to teach the lessons. The students love the topics and the ease of the process. Thank you”

—Karla Hartline Janoski

Lenisha Harris

“My biggest struggle is planning, quoting good evidence and properly elaborating. Top Score has made it so simple to plan using I, T1/R1-T3/R3, and C! Using Top Score videos I was able to show my students how to pull important evidence pertaining to their topics or reasons and not just random information. Also, not just saying “that’s cool!” For an elaboration sentence but now they know how to put their own thoughts and feelings in detail about what they just quoted from the text!!! TSW”

—Lenisha Harris

Paula Cook-McCartney

“My biggest struggle was my students didn’t have a structured formula for writing. TSW gives the a set guide and confidence that they can achieve. Writing is no longer stressful but satisfying.”

—Paula Cook-McCartney

Fauna Bushong

“My biggest struggle is getting the students to acknowledge that writing is an important life skill. Top Score gives interesting animal articles to reference which seems to grab the attention of some students.”

—Fauna Bushong

Jesus Rodriguez

“Planning was always an issue. The IRC outline has made it easy for my kids to plan their essays.”

—Jesus Rodriguez

Nat G Mullaney

“Elaboration! Helping them find their voice with elaborative techniques.”

—Nat G Mullaney

Lisa Parks Reed

“My biggest struggle was trying to get all of the elements required of the students in sync while getting the information from passages. Top Score taught me that teaching the elements first and practicing them before adding the passages works great. It also helps with having everything right there for me. I don’t have to plan anything. Saves me a lot of time! “

—Lisa Parks Reed

Shylee Norton-Olsen

“I felt that my biggest struggle is knowing where to start and how to progress. Top Score made it easy to follow for me and for my kids. I have never seen progress happen so fast with my students before.”

—Shylee Norton-Olsen

Karen Roppo Rodriguez

“I also have to go with planning. We used a different acronym before Top Score and really only my high kids got it. Now, with the IRC planning format, all of my students plan and actually go back to the text and mark it up”

—Karen Roppo Rodriguez

Julie Hutcheson Meadows

“Planning….your planning makes it so easy. No matter the prompt, the kids know what to do!”

—Julie Hutcheson Meadows

Sheana Savel

“Planning was always such an issue. Each teacher does their own planning sheet, but with top score it is consistent through out each grade level.”

—Sheana Savel

Corrie Haynes

“I didnt know where to even begin with how to teach writing. Top Score made me feel like a pro. “

—Corrie Haynes