What Teachers Are Saying
Here’s what they love about Top Score Writing!

Tammy Parham Sheppard

“This is the promo I tell everyone about Top Score! I knew how to write for myself, but teaching someone else how to write was my struggle! Top Score taught me how to teach my students!”

—Tammy Parham Sheppard

Dawn-Marie Irvin Jackson

“Time. There’s never enough time BUT Top Score lessons take just a few minutes if I split them up over 2 days. I love that the program is versatile like that.”

—Dawn-Marie Irvin Jackson

Tiahna SoBlessed Freeman

“My biggest struggle is having my lower babies elaborate in their essay. Structuring their essay and organizing it is hard for them. Top Score’s outline and the verbiage that is used to explain to my scholars gives them everything that they need to be successful at it. “

—Tiahna SoBlessed Freeman

Zulay Enid

“My biggest struggle was finding on level paired text and good prompts kids will like. This makes my life so much easier and being able to have a text set to model and one for kids to practice with a partner or independently (gradual release model).”

—Zulay Enid

Chelsea Casey Green

“Writing a 5 paragraph (or more) feels daunting to my kids. Using Top Score has help them learn to plan well enough that they are finding it easy to accomplish. It is changing their attitudes about writing and they are able to grow. “

—Chelsea Casey Green

Aly Elizabeth

“My biggest struggle was getting students to elaborate effectively. Since using TopScore, kids are staying focused in their elaboration and their elaboration relates to the quotes they’re citing! “

—Aly Elizabeth

Mo Garcia-Dupri

“Teaching process writing has always been a. . . process for me. Using Top Score, it makes SO much more sense which helps me get across the concepts so much better to our scholars. A win-win! “

—Mo Garcia-Dupri

Kelly Marie

“My biggest struggle with writing was the organization and structure of each paragraph. Top Score has done an amazing job with the planning format and the structure of each paragraph. Once they practice enough you really see students writing improve with any prompt and topic. I love Top Score writing because it makes it manageable for my students to write a five paragraph essay.”

—Kelly Marie

Katy Peterson

“Planning was a big struggle!! The IRC outline made it so much easier for my scholars to plan their essay!”

—Katy Peterson

Katelyn Scarboro King

“My biggest struggle is having students elaborate with their own thoughts and ideas. Another struggle is having them paraphrase the information and putting it into their own words. Top Score helps with this because there is always a review of the material, so if they don’t get it on the first time, it will review it again and hopefully grasp it with the review.”

—Katelyn Scarboro King

Jillian Ashley Butler

“My biggest struggle has been how to clearly teach writing in general! Topscore sets up perfect outlines and guidelines. “

—Jillian Ashley Butler

Danielle DiPasquale Blair

“My biggest struggle teaching writing has been HOW to teach it- Top Score gives me the tools; videos, handouts, AND the teacher ‘script’ of what I should be covering. It’s also imperative to have the students know exactly what they need-Top Score gives them student every detail. Thank you”

—Danielle DiPasquale Blair