What Teachers Are Saying
Here’s what they love about Top Score Writing!

Kimberly Dale

“My biggest struggle was teaching to each individual child’s writing style, especially as many didn’t have a style outside of restating the question and giving a one worded answer. Top score gave us all a basic writing formula that we could all understand and build on together. Game changer”

—Kimberly Dale

Stephanie Jacobs Godfrey

“My biggest struggle was getting students to understand how to elaborate on their quotes and paraphrases. Top score helped me to teach students how to elaborate correctly and to understand that their elaboration needs to be related to their quotes and paraphrases. Thank you Top Score!!”

—Stephanie Jacobs Godfrey

Tori Austin

“One of the biggest struggles I find is the planning process for the students. The IRC or ITC model makes it simple for students to set up their planning on their sheets. Also when we would highlight the different parts of the body paragraph that seemed to really help the students with organization. “

—Tori Austin

Brenda and Terry Thompson

“My biggest struggle is that our district doesn’t have a writing curriculum at all. I would use my time searching for resources to help me, help my students. Now, I have a curriculum and resources, at my fingertips to help my students in their writing journey. TSW has allowed my students to enjoy writing and given them a consistent structure to follow.”

—Brenda and Terry Thompson

Sharon Petersen

“My biggest struggle was getting the students realize how easy it was organizing their paragraphs and seeing how easy it was to add the supporting details. Top Score really came through for my students.”

—Sharon Petersen

Erica Segal

“My biggest struggle was the steps to plan the essay and how to elaborate. Top score has an easy to follow planner and great elaboration strategies. “

—Erica Segal

Norma Cortes Latta

“Our biggest struggle was not having a curriculum period. Prior to Top Score, we would piecemeal together what we thought the students needed. Top Score has given us a direction and in turn our students are successful.”

—Norma Cortes Latta

Erika Ann

“Organization and incorporating text evidence! TSW walked my students through the process of both and made teaching this easy!”

—Erika Ann

Barbara Allegro

“Planning and the IRC outline helps them get their thoughts down on paper quickly and efficiently.”

—Barbara Allegro

Lisa Hommel Phillips

“I never knew how to help students plan their writing. Now I just follow Top Score Writing and it is simple.”

—Lisa Hommel Phillips

Yonia Burr

“One of the biggest struggles for our students was structuring their essay. Top Score writing does an amazing job explaining how to structure their essay to be successful.”

—Yonia Burr

Jeanine Helmuth-Gerzon

“Time management and interest. With Top Score, I was slowly able to see a change. Students enjoy the prompts like the one we used recently about December Holidays.”

—Jeanine Helmuth-Gerzon