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Discover the writing curriculum certified to increase test scores & overall grades!

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2nd - 12th Grade

The fastest and most effective approach to informative, opinion, and narrative teaching that prepares students for the state writing assessment.

Day-to-Day Writing Lessons Organized 

by Lexile Measure

Top Score Writing 


Our curriculum and process facilitates the distribution and access of ability appropriate informative, opinion/argumentative, and
narrative passages that are built directly into structure lessons.

These lessons include modeling, guided and independent
practice, as well quizzes, test and homework. Each curriculum set includes 110 day-to-day lessons and over 100 brand new
passages. Lessons are designed to be fun, engaging and interactive.

Proven To Work!

Top Score Writing is Lexile Certified which enables us to provide students, teachers and school districts with our custom-made and innovative lessons with thought provoking and original passages tailored to aid in teacher instruction on targeted reading levels.

Test Scores Using Top Score Writing

Northboro Elementary

from 2018-2019


in 2019


Northboro Elementary is a Title 1 School
African American: 42%
Hispanic: 45%
White: 6%
Other: 7%
Free & Reduced Lunch: 74%
Student/Teacher Ratio: 13.82

Writing is the Fastest & Easiest Way to Increase Test Scores & Overall Grades

Most schools rely solely on reading and grammar programs to teach ELA skills, yet todays tests are heavily weighted on a students ability to write. The lack of writing specific curriculums results not only in lower writing scores, but lower ELA scores across the board.

Schools that implement Top Score Writing call us their "secret weapon" because it quickly and easily raise test scores on the ELA and across the board. After years of analyzing data, we can directly correlate the improvement in writing scores to higher overall grades. It works and works fast!

What Teachers Are Saying:

Top Score is the best writing program to use for students who have to take the Florida Standards Assessment. The lessons go step by step to help the children learn the proper format. The script is all there for teachers to use. The emails with videos and support are super helpful to teachers. I highly recommend using this program, not just for FSA but also to help the kids learn to write a cohesive essay!

Angela P. - Director of Literacy

My students and I love this program!! I'm a 4th grade teacher and my students are writing great pieces. This program has helped my students understand what an opinion and informative essay is. I am completely grateful and so appreciative of this program because I feel that my students are enjoying writing and I can see how much they have progressed since the beginning of the year. This is an excellent writing curriculum that will get any and every student to love writing!!!

Sasha L. - 4th Grade Teacher

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