Following Top Score’s day-to-day writing guide is proven to raise your school’s Florida Standards Assessments writing scores over 20%. Partnered with MetaMetrics to provide students, teachers and school districts custom-made and innovative lessons. Our writing program has original thought-provoking passages tailored to help teachers accommodate varying reading levels.


We offer a variety of curriculums, consulting, training and tutoring services to provide teachers and students best preparation for the Florida State Assessments.

Schools Love It

Schools across Florida really appreciate how self-flowing our curriculum is.

State Average Exams

Top Score Writing students average at 75%, when the State averaged at 53%.

Tutoring is Available

Online tutoring with the author of this Curriculum can be reserve.

Eloquence is Important

We point students to understand writing in its most expressive way.

No Detail Left Out

Every lesson was meticulously crafted to ensure maximum learning.

All Things Scoring

We can grade your student writing papers and provide scores & feedback.

Teachers Love Us

"it was fabulous"

I teach fourth grade at Stanton Weirsdale Elementary. We used Top Score Writing this past year, and it was fabulous! The program is well written and easy to follow. Students were able to understand and apply the strategies and skills presented throughout the program. I really liked the scaffolding that was used so that students were not overwhelmed at the beginning. We are having our training at SWES tomorrow, and I can't wait to see the updates Lisa has made to the program! Looking forward to another great year using Top Score Writing!



Teacher at Staton Weirsdale Elementary

"I was so impressed"

I was so impressed with the improvement in my third graders writing using last year's Top Score Writing curriculum that I can't wait to see the changes in the revised program that is on its way to me now!



"I loved using Top Score"

I loved using Top Score last year! I think my students grew by leaps and bounds. Your beginning of the year training was excellent as well!

My favorite part has been your email communication. You are very helpful throughout the entire school year, and provide great updates to teachers!


"Let's do this"

Loved your training! You're like an instant dose of "Let's do this!"


"Amazing presentation"

Amazing presentation today! Thank you



"AMAZING writing program!"

Top Score is an AMAZING writing program! It takes the guess work (especially w the new FSA), but is very easy to use for non-testing grades. It has built in spiral review with activities that make it simple for kids to learn how to write. It was amazing especially as a first year teacher to use since it gave me everything I needed; even homework!!! I highly recommend it and wish I had it at my school since I transferred within the company. Love it!


"knowledge I gained"

I have not received my curriculum books yet. I will say, after sitting in Top Score Writing Training, the knowledge I gained will be used & applied. As a first year teacher I want to start the year off right & there's no better way than with Top Score Writing. Lisa was awesome in our training & straight forward. Can't wait to introduce Top Score to my 2nd Grade!!!!!!



"The best"

I used Top Score Writing in 4th grade last year. It really was easy to teach and easy for my students to understand! Lisa's fantastic training helped me get started and gave me the tools I needed to prepare my students to write expository and opinion essays as well as narrative pieces. My students were confident on test day and were ready to show what they had learned. I look forward to using it again this year!!!


"This is an awesome program"

I am a 4th grade teacher at A.D. Henderson, and I have been using Top Score Writing for the past 2 years. This is an awesome program. It guides the students through each step in the writing process. It takes the stress out of the test because the students are successful throughout the process. Thank you Lisa!!!!



Teacher at A.D. Henderson

"Love your program"

Thank you for coming today!! Love your program


"I'm really excited"

It's my first time using this, and I have to say I'm really excited to have this program! Your presentation was great! Thank you!



"I am very excited"

I was in the training that you gave today at Dunnellon Elementary. I am very excited to finally have a curriculum to follow. In the past, we did not have a curriculum that was school wide. When our students came in, they all brought various programs with them. It took a lot of work to get everyone on the same page. Now, this will not be the problem with all grade levels teaching the same method. Thank you so much. Romeo Elem. 4th grade.



Teacher at Romeo Elementary

"all I can say is wow!"

I attended your training this summer and all I can say is wow! Being a new teacher I have found that writing is a tough subject to teach, and engage students. I struggled with finding a way to get students to enjoy writing. After attending your training and hearing other teachers speak of how wonderful the program is I was super excited. The way it is structured offers an easy way for me to teach writing as well as an easy way for my students to understand the writing process. Thank you so much for offering this program to teachers. I am very excited to use Top Score Writing, Inc with my third graders this year!



"Top Score is out there to help us teach"

I am excited that my school will now have a writing program and all of us will be on the same page at the school! I'm so glad Top Score is out there to help us teach writing on informational texts and opinions, and how to pull information and evidence from the texts! Great training today!



Teacher at Ward Highlands Elementary

"I was impressed!"

I teach 4th grade at Palmetto Charter School. I used Top Score for the fist time last year, and I was impressed! The stories that the students read to use in their writing were of high interest. I was easily able to incorporate this program into my day due to the variety of reading pieces. Top Score also emailed updated lessons and tips throught the school year!



"the results have been incredible"

I have implemented the Top Score writing program for the past 2 years and the results have been incredible. Year 1 - 23/25 students passed the FCAT writing (Title 1 school Manatee County)
Year 2- FSA scores aren't in but when my class was assessed using an independent writing contractor, 18/20 scored passing (ESE/inclusion Manatee County)
If you use this program with fidelity, your students will pass.



"the BEST writing curriculums"

I have to say this is one of the BEST writing curriculums I have used! The lessons are very easy to follow and the kids are constantly engaged every lesson. Your trainings, Lisa, are great as well! I also love the fact that you send email updates about information and update lessons when needed. As well as a fantastic review before the test. Last year, I did get a chance to do the Write Around The Room lesson and the students were fully engaged and loved it! Anything to get out of their seats sometimes. 🙂 I am super excited to start this at the beginning of the year this year! Thanks again for everything!



Teacher at Stanton-Weirsdale

"The program helped me tremendously"

Last year was the first year I used Top Score Writing. The program helped me tremendously, as I teach 5th grade and had to prepare my students for the FSA Writing. I have always felt that teaching writing was an area needing improvement. Top Score Writing helped me become a better writing teacher through structured lessons and online support. Would strongly recommend this program to anyone!



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