Top Score Writing is Backed by Data & Research

Top Score Writing is a Research Based Program. Many counties require that schools use research-based programs and Top Score Writing is just that! This is proven in a white paper written by IESD.

 Interactive Educational Systems Design (IESD) specializes in research to support product development and marketing, and in effective communication with educational decision makers.

Data Analysis of School

Performance 2017-2018

Top Score Writing is the The ONE and ONLY program specifically designed to prepare students for the state writing test. This process facilitates the distribution and access of ability appropriate informative, opinion/argumentative, and narrative passages that are built directly into structured lessons.

IESD Research Paper

Students in the elementary and middle/junior/high school grades must improve their writing skills - not only to help them meet the requirements of state writing assessments, but more importantly, to prepare them for the future demands of high school, college, career, and life. Top Score Writing provides teachers with a curriculum utilizing research-supported methods that can help students meet those demands.