Top Score Writing is Backed by Data & Research

Top Score Writing is a Research Based Program. Many counties require that schools use research-based programs and Top Score Writing is just that! This is proven in white papers written by Hanover Research and IESD.

Hanover Research provides high-quality, custom research and analytics through a cost-effective model that helps clients make informed decisions, identify and seize opportunities, and heighten their effectiveness.

Interactive Educational Systems Design (IESD) specializes in research to support product development and marketing, and in effective communication with educational decision makers.

Hanover Research Paper

Throughout this report, Hanover identifies examples of how Top Score Writing curricula apply elements that promote the seven practices identified by the NCEE, as well as other aspects of high-quality instruction. The table below summarizes Top Score Writing’s alignment with these practices.

IESD Research Paper

Students in the elementary and middle/junior/high school grades must improve their writing skills - not only to help them meet the requirements of state writing assessments, but more importantly, to prepare them for the future demands of high school, college, career, and life. Top Score Writing provides teachers with a curriculum utilizing research-supported methods that can help students meet those demands.

Data Analysis of School
Performance 2017-2018

Top Score Writing is the The ONE and ONLY program specifically designed to prepare students for the state writing test. This process facilitates the distribution and access of ability appropriate informative, opinion/argumentative, and narrative passages that are built directly into structured lessons.

School Data - 2018

Overall Increase in ELA Score using Top Score Writing:

-Village Academy: 20%

-Verde Elementary: 25%

-Grove Park Elementary: 30%

-RCMA Wimauma Academy: 40%

-Madison County: 60%

-Skyline Elementary: 65%

Proven To Work!

Top Score Writing is Lexile Certified which enables us to provide students, teachers and school districts with our custom-made and innovative lessons with thought provoking and original passages tailored to aid in teacher instruction on targeted reading levels.

Test Scores Using Top Score Writing

Northboro Elementary

from 2018-2019


in 2019


Northboro Elementary is a Title 1 School
African American: 42%
Hispanic: 45%
White: 6%
Other: 7%
Free & Reduced Lunch: 74%
Student/Teacher Ratio: 13.82

Writing is the Fastest & Easiest Way to Increase Test Scores & Overall School Grades

Watch this quick video where Lisa Collum explains and breaks down the data behind

why writing is the easiest and most effective way to increase ELA scores.

Most schools rely solely on reading and grammar programs to teach ELA skills, yet todays tests are heavily weighted on a students ability to write. The lack of writing specific curriculums results not only in lower writing scores, but lower ELA scores across the board.

Schools that implement Top Score Writing call us their "secret weapon" because it quickly and easily raise test scores on the ELA and across the board. After years of analyzing data, we can directly correlate the improvement in writing scores to higher overall school grades. It works and works fast!

Invest in Your Class!

Whether you're an individual teacher, an administrator, or a parent it's time to give your students the advantage they deserve.

Top Score Writing curriculum is used in over 200 schools nationwide!

  • charter Schools USA

  • Manatee County

  • Palm Beach County

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