Arizona's Academic Standards Assessment - Preparing For Your State Test
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Arizona teachers! Do you want to know more about the state writing test (AASA) and make sure your students are prepared?
In this webinar, we will be examining the Arizona state writing test rubrics and sample papers for grades 3-5. We have determined exactly what the state is expecting from the students and will share strategies on how your students can be prepared for testing in April!
Arizona's Academic Standards Assessment - Argumentative Writing Rubrics and Sample Papers
Webinar Replay
Attention Arizona teachers! State testing is right around the corner and we’ve got you covered!
We have a free webinar that breaks down the state’s informative and opinion writing rubrics and sample papers for grades 3-5. Plus, we will give you tips and strategies to use in the classroom to help your students excel. Make sure all of your students are ready and prepared for this year’s testing!