About Us

We make it simple for teachers to teach writing, and easy for students to learn how to write
Designed by a teacher for teachers, Top Score Writing is the one and only program solely dedicated to teaching students to become effective writers. Our comprehensive curriculum uses a unique step-by-step system specifically designed to teach writing to students in grades 2 - 12. Incremental daily lessons break down the parts of an essay, including planning and strategizing, and use repetition and mastery techniques to build individual skills, culminating in the ability to form well- written, complete essays.
Our print and digital grade-level kits consist of 80 - 112 fun interactive lessons complete with everything teachers need to teach writing daily for an entire school year. Every module includes step-by-step instruction, modeling, guided and independent practice, activities, homework, quizzes, tests, prompts, and Lexile-leveled reading passages. All lessons and materials are tailored-made for each grade level and follow a specific sequence to master expository, informative, opinion/argumentative, and narrative writing. For high school students, research paper and college writing are also covered. Our yearly digital license also includes teacher-led video lessons, PowerPoint presentations, and more, for every lesson in our curriculum.
Using Top Score Writing couldn’t be easier. With our yearly digital license, teachers can access our programs by simply logging in on our online platform. Materials can be downloaded and printed for classroom use or used digitally with a variety of classroom technologies. Whether teachers prefer print or digital materials, everything they need is at their fingertips, all in one place. We lead teachers and students through the writing process with fun engaging lessons that can be taught using a variety of learning modalities. It can be as simple as pushing play.
Top Score Writing works. Students of all levels and aptitudes thrive using our system which has been proven to increase writing scores by an average of 70% based on real data. Differentiation is incorporated organically throughout the curriculum ensuring struggling students leap forward and advanced students reach higher levels. Teachers benefit too. Top Score Writing relieves teachers from having to piece together materials and invent their own writing lessons. No additional outside materials are needed, saving teachers valuable time and money. With more than ever on their plates, teaching writing can be the easiest part of their day.
Because writing matters. Lisa Collum, a former Title I public school teacher, created Top Score Writing because she was determined to see every child in her classroom succeed. Students who use Top Score Writing become competent writers, a life-long skill that builds confidence and helps foster success in other subject areas. Top Score Writing helps students from every level and background develop the writing proficiency needed to succeed in school, higher education, and eventually the workplace. These crucial skills will open doors and serve them for a lifetime.